Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Graduation + Birthday

Well, today is the day. I'm 18 years old now.

And, I've graduated.

A few years ago I would have told you that this would be a huge event in my life, but yet now that it has arrived, not much has changed. I'm still Caleb, and am still working toward being more like Christ with his help.

And yet, it feels like nothing has changed. Yes, taxes will be easier now (being a minor who owns a business gets complicated), and I get finally get my own bank account. I can also vote, and I'm finished with formal education.

I'm still just Caleb.

P.S. If you want to read my thoughts on graduation, please hop over to the minisite I built for that purpose: That writing also applies to my birthday.


  1. Congrats.

    Something I'd like to point out is that you've said "not much has changed". It seems to me that things have changed not at all within yourself and entirely in how other people (well, the government and stuff) see you. In this ageist society, people under 18 aren't expected to own a business, need a bank account, or be intelligent...yet once you turn 18 it seems people don't bat an eye.

    People told me a month ago that turning 17 would be a momentous occasion in my life. Aside from adapting to having an analog watch, nothing really changed at all, period. These numerical variables related to age perplex me with their uselessness.

    Ah, but I'm taking away from the occasion. Sorry. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday, bro! Looking forward to eating your cake. >:)

  3. Thanks for your well wishes, Duke and Izzy! They mean the world to me.


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