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The Impact of Wolves in Yellowstone: An interview with JD King, producer of Crying Wolf

As I have worked on a cattle ranch in central Montana, I have heard the concerns of the booming wolf populations first hand from the ranchers in that area.

One of the first books I read on wolves was from someone who had tracked them for years. This book described in detail the brutality of the wolves, which really made me oppose the actions taken by the government in reintroducing these animals. Wolves kill, not only for food, but also for recreation. The author had seen entire herds of elk hamstrung by the packs, with only a few consumed. The rest of the herd slowly died, as the wolves hamstrung the animals and left them alive. Those that they ate, they ate alive.

Seomthing that really surprised me, at the time (not so much anymore), was that the media hailed the reintroduction of wolves as a great victory.

However, this trend appears to be reversing starting with the movie Crying Wolf.

You can purchase the film from

I asked JD King for a interview, and he graciously made time in his busy schedule to answer a few of my questions.

Caleb: What was it that caused you to be passionate about this subject?

JD: I grew up on a working cattle ranch in a beautiful valley in southwest Montana.  In addition to living the rural lifestyle, which included cattle, horses, hunting, and fishing, I loved studying applied worldview and ideology during my homeschool years, especially in terms of biblical creationism.  I challenged myself to come up with my own arguments against atheism and evolutionism.  So before I really knew beans about wolves, I knew that with the film I wanted to give people the opportunity to look at an issue like this through the lens of a biblical worldview. That's what I am passionate about. It doesn't matter what you're dealing with, it all goes back to theology and worldview, and Christianity is the answer. Christ is King, that's what I want the world to know and to take away from any film I create.

Caleb: What was the most unexpected information you unearthed during the making of your movie?
JD: I was shocked by almost everything I would learn, including:
                             - The wolves that were introduced were not a native species, thereby breaking the law of the Endangered Species Act.  
                             - The affected states and the US Congress said no to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service's plan to reintroduce wolves.
                             - Because congress would not fund the wolf transplant, the USFWS stole upwards of $60-70 million dollars to do it anyway. 
                             - Numerous, "secret wolf reintroductions" happened in the '60s and '70s that were equally illegal to the publicized one of '95. 
                             - The Canadian Wolves cause so much stress to the wildlife here that in addition to the game animals that are killed by wolves,
                             - Reproduction rates drop dramatically and abortion rates skyrocket. +90% or more of game in some areas has disappeared.   

Caleb: Have you been surprised by the response that Crying Wolf received from the media in general?
JD: We really haven't been in the mainstream media much.  The agricultural and rural magazines have been very welcoming.  Feedback has been over 90% positive. Because of our internet release which garnished close to 90,000 views, people all over the continent and even across the ocean have taken time to view the film and many have sent me messages of thanks for making this film.  It has made it all well worth it!

Caleb: More specifically, what have the "tree huggers" done in retort?
JD: Other than receiving a few critical emails, not much.  The emails are usually filled with name-calling and hate, not a point-by-point rebuttal. I was called an anti-Christ wife-beating slave-trader once. But no challenges to debate and no successful hacking jobs yet.  There have been a couple of websites that were talking heavily about my film, and then some environmental groups bought up all the ad space and filled it with pro-wolf propaganda. I think the other side has a very hard time arguing with the personal testimony of the ranchers, outfitters, and business owners as well as with the shady history of the "re-infestation", as I call it.  I mean, how do you argue for theft, lies, and corruption?

Thanks JD for you time!

In case you aren't following my blog, JD has recently announced that he is working on a new film, this one centered on the green movement, and how it really isn't green at all.

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