Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Dark Side??

These election years can sure bring out the contortionists!

As I was plugging away on my computer today (I'm working on building a page for some freebies of mine!) the phone, sitting on my desk, began to ring. As if in slow motion, I saw my hand reaching for it. Too late, I had picked it up. Darn.

It was a lady on the line. She curtly prattled off about how important this coming presidential election is. When I agreed, she asked me how much money I would donate to Romney's campaign.

"Well", I explained, "I don't agree with Romney on a lot of topics. Many people would call me a Constitutionalist, though I personally prefer the term Wierdo."

Then, much to my shock and terror, she, as monotone and "bleh" as ever, replied: "Well Mr Grove, I see that you are still registered as a Republican, so apparently we haven't completely lost you to the dark side."

THE DARK SIDE!?? She was insinuating that I was a cohort of Darth Vadar because I don't agree with Romney!

The most ironic part came next: "Mr Grove, I'm sure you realize that this is not the time to think about our differences..."

Huh? After saying that I was with the bad guys, she says not to worry about our differences! Oh, the irony!

"...but rather to unite. How much would you like to donate to Romney?"

 Arg. I eventually had to hang up on her.


  1. ...Did you donate anything?

  2. The Constitutionalist ReformerNovember 2, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    How you a registered republican? Your only 17....

    1. TCR,
      I believe they thought I was my dad. They never asked for him though, and I did receive that GOP Congressional Census this spring! (which was addressed specifically to me.) See:
      Thanks for the comments!


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