Monday, November 19, 2012

Post-Election Thoughts

Okay, I know the election ended awhile ago. However, I've been extremely busy with another website. I've had a partial break for a few days, so I took some time out to write here.

Although this probably doesn't even need saying, I was severely disappointed at the result of the presidential election. For a day or so I couldn't comprehend how we, as a country, re-elected Mr Obama again.

As soon as the result was announced, most of the conservatives began hunting for methods to shift the blame. They said it was because of the illegal aliens. They said it was because of the so-called ObamaPhones. They said it was because of almost anything other than what it really was.

The reason why Obama was reelected is because We The People voted for him. It's a simple fact, and a sobering one. It really showcases how far, as a society, America has come. After four years of bad economic decisions, ramped-up regulations, increased penalties for us business owners, and more, we voted for this fellow! Four years ago, he didn't have very much of a track record, and I gave his voters the benefit of the doubt. However, everybody know who he is now.

Think about what he did while President for four years. Now he doesn't have to worry about being reelected and so can't be held accountable for his decisions. Think about what he'll do. The NRA states that he has a huge stack of gun regulations ready. It wouldn't surprise me. ObamaCare was just the beginning.

So now that you're throughly depressed and ready to move to Canada, I have two items of interest on a more encouraging note.

1. Have you every noticed how a pendulum swings? Public opinion is much like that. We have swung to the far left in this election, meaning that we will probably swing to the far right next one. This may actually be a good thing. I would rather have someone like Ron Paul for one term than Romney for two.

2. As Christians, these are just details. We can't loose for winning. Even if we are killed for our beliefs, which is often seen as the ultimate version of loosing, we win because of what comes after the life here on earth. In the end, this world will end and all things will be righted by the one and only perfect judge.

In the end, we win.

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  1. Neither Obama supporters nor Romney supporters formed the majority this election. Most of the people who voted hated both candidates, but tended to vote Obama because he appealed to their interests slightly more than Romney did. This large group of swing voters would not have come to the same conclusion if not for the media.

    Both candidates sucked, very much so. But we the people greatly underestimated Romney's political prowess, and he failed because of it.


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