Friday, November 23, 2012

NEEDED: Opinions

Folks, this blog is at a crossroads. The stated purpose of Anson S is a place for me to write my opinions on two subject areas; politics and tech. I feel that this blog's scope has shrunk to just the first, not that this is a bad thing, but it does mean that my most honorable readers probably don't care to hear my thoughts on HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, UX, and more.

So, now I feel it is time to make a decision. Here are the options:

1. Continue using just one blog. As I said above, the problem with this method is that it means my two completely different groups of readers would have to be fine to get notified of posts that don't interest them in the least.

2. Split into two different blogs. Anson S would be dedicated to politics, social issues, religion, and the like, whereas the second blog would be just for web stuff.

What do you all think?


  1. I recommend you split this into two different blogs. I can't really comprehend much in the way of "web stuff" (except for the utter usefulness of AdBlock).

    1. Thanks DOA, and I agree about AdBlock!

    2. I say keep it together, I like all the issues you cover, and have often looked back at the tech stuff for info. You could try to have it separate but on one site... not sure how that would work... im sure you will figure out a compromise.

  2. TCR,
    The problem is that I would like to start writing a lot more about more advanced web design and Mac stuff (more along the lines of I don't feel like it would be kind to my readers if I alienate them because of writing about things here that apply to such a small group of folks.
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it some thought!
    Your friend,

    BTW, we should have a ConLaw class reunion this year, eh?

  3. Sounds awesome... doubt we can find everyone... I wish I could catch up with Shannon and Sarah... also Thadd and Anna from the class following us... I have conversed some with Tommy T. in the last few months but the others I have lost touch, for some reason your the only one I have really kept in touch with. BTW are you ever on google chat anymore?

    1. Sometimes, but not nearly so often now that I'm using Apple Mail instead of Gmail. I'll have to send you an email and we can start working on the list of people and how to contact them.

      It's too bad that ConLaw took down our old class forum. :/

  4. Can you iMessage with apple mail?


  5. Yeah, but I can't seem to get my iMessage account to work. Huh.

  6. Aha! Got it working. You can iMessage me at my personal email address.


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