Monday, October 15, 2012


Today I feel like complaining. About things that annoy me. Which there is a lot of. For example:

Chopped sentences.
No PNG+Alpa support on Facebook.
"Tough enough to wear pink" (I'm tough enough not to have to wear pink to prove that I am tough. No, I'm not against breast cancer awareness, but really?)
Guys wearing skinneys.
The EPA.
The FDA.
The LOA.
Poorly designed websites.
Confusing navigation on the above.
Internet Explorer.
Google Drive.
Clients who don't respond.
Computer bugs.
Windows XP.
Loud music.
Mac haters.
Configuring email at domains.
Abandoned blogs.
Cryptic Facebook posts.
Americans who don't vote.

Oh, and here's a bonus:


  1. You forgot a couple, I'll post them here for you.


  2. Photoshop? Really, dude what do you have against that?

    Also XP was the best OS that Windows has made to date, well until 8 came along which is awesome!!! I am currently using the release preview.


    1. TCR,
      Photoshop is a huge system hog, is very expensive, has a steep learning curve, and they kill you on pricing. Hence why I use independent apps instead (Sketch 2.0, Pixelmator, Freeway Pro, and the like).

      You like windows 8? I've only heard bad things about it. I don't care for XP because, compared to our macs, everything about it feels "ancient".

    2. Yeah... how is XP on your list and not vista?

    3. Because I've had to work with XP's but not Vista's. ;D

      This list is far from complete. Use your imagination.

  3. Actually I do... It is lightweight and super fast, it runs all the programs I use on my XP and 7. The new layout is confusing at first but I have come to like it. My only quibble is the multi touch and scrolling on my touchpad (laptop) does not work but I'm sure this will be fixed in the final version. I am quite confident though that as you have told me many times, If I could ever get a chance to use a Mac I would love it, I just haven't had a chance. Now as to photoshop, yes it is a memoryholic but I have yet to find but one program that I can even compare to it slightly when it comes to photo editing, GIMP.

    BTW Vista was microsofts absolute biggest flop in its history.


  4. I must admit, I'm surprised nobody asked what the LOA was, as I made it up off the top of my head!
    It must be like the emperor and his (lack of) clothes.


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