Tuesday, October 23, 2012

All Spun Up

Have you ever noticed how the media and political parties spins up elections so they turn out the way the media wants them to via inclusion or exclusion?

Ron Paul is a prime example. In this years Republican nominations, did you watch the debates? In these debates, the moderators asked people not to applaud the candidates because of time constraints. While, for most of the candidates the spectators obeyed this rule, there was loud applause EVERY time Ron Paul made a statement. He was the only person who the fickle voters seemed to continually agree with. He was never attacked on his political or personal history, because he is highly consistent. He had virtually no vulnerabilites compared to the others.

However, if you payed attention, both the GOP and the media were doing all they could, in a polite manner, to make sure he didn't make the ticket. The moderators focused their questions mainly on the two most liberal candidates, while the media reported that Romney won almost every debate although he had more booing crowds and less cheering than any of the others.

They (the media and the GOP) had decided who would win before it even began. 'Twas rigged. Then they just had to make it look like a real race.

Basically, they just ignored Ron Paul, attempting to make us believe that Mr Paul was "un-electable" by acting like to only real candidates were Romney and Gingrich. And guess what?

It worked.


  1. They'll do no better than that. At least we can vote for Romney.

  2. Why thank you TCR, though I must admit I don't quite see what is funny. *Confused face*.

  3. I don't often laugh at things that are funny but things that express truth the way I see it. I thought you made some very good observations and was very happy.

    Being the melancholic introvert that I am some of the most weirdest things amuse me


  4. Okay, I have my light-bulb back.
    (for those of you without an acute ability of translation, that means that now it makes sense.)


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