Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Home from the Big Sky

No, I'm not referring to Heaven. Montana is the Big Sky state, mostly because of the lack of big-city skylines. :)

I have rather mixed feelings about leaving. First, I knew I would have to come back because I've got quite a few websites to design that have been backlogged. However, there is nothing quite like spending your entire day outdoors doing physical and mental work. Royal and Josie were excellent people, not only to work for, but to live with.

I'm still glad to be home though, for good things can't last forever (Except Heaven).

My experience in Montana not only got me it better physical shape, it gave my mind a little bit of time to really think things though, so I hope you're looking forward to my coming posts!

I'd like to thank Eli, Thomas, and Duke for being willing to write for my blog. Although we don't all agree on everything, they are all excellent young men whom I look up to.

I'm a little swamped right now, so I'd better get back to work!

P.S. I need to rename this blog to something more meaningful, but I'm not sure what, so if you have any suggestions, please comment!

Caleb Grove


  1. Welcome back!

    I don't currently see the problem with the title - it sounds like an icon. And that's a good thing.

  2. Fundamental Discernment or Foundational

    Or we could bring back an old one and make it

    The Enlightened Citizen


  3. Foundational and The Enlightened Citizen sound pretty awesome. I'll get them some thought.


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