Friday, June 22, 2012

AdBlock: A Review

Note: this blog post was scheduled to be posted automatically at this time, as I am out of town and away from computers until September. This means that I won't be able to reply to any comments at this time. Sorry!

AdBlock is my all-time favorite extension for Safari and Chrome. Why?

Because it does what any good extension should do. It works well and gets out of your face. To be more specific, it blocks ads, and you'll never notice.

A few years back, we had an ad blocker of sorts, and all it did was replace the add with a cute puppy holding a sign that said "This ad has been blocked by X". To me, this seemed more like replacing the ads with an ad for itself rather than really blocking them. Also, it tended to break the pages you were viewing.

We continued on with that until it got too annoying. Then, we were back to square one.

Then, one day I was glancing through the Safari extensions database, and discovered AdBlock. As cheesy as this sounds, it really changed the internet for me, in a very un-noticeable way. I entirely forget that ads exist.

It gets rid of Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads (including those pesky ones at the beginning of a movie), Gmail ads, Yahoo! mail ads, and on and on.

Now we have it installed on all our computers and their browsers, allowing us to be entirely free from ads.

You can get AdBlock for Chrome and Safari. If you have Firefox, give AdBlock Plus a try. It's the open-sourced version of AdBlock.

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