Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Underneath the public school . . .

A Soviet School
is socialism. Democrat, communist, leftist, progressive, marxist, whatever you call it, is one and the same and is the creator of the state-funded public school system.

This goes way back to the founding of the Communist Party USA, their stated goal of turning the US into a communistic country, and their stated methods of achieving that goal.

One of their short-term goals was to literally tear apart the family. They have long recognized that it is strong family units that create strong, independent, people who will not allow the government to push them down and who value liberty.

Another goal was to dumb America down. This way, people will believe the so call "experts" instead of using logic to arrive at an often politically-incorrect end thought. The "experts" will be assigned by the State so their is no risk of problems.

Yet another goal was to eliminate morals in people. To do this you have to eliminate religions. To eliminate religions, you have to deceive people into believing that there is no such thing as a deity.

Smart people love to kill two birds with one stone. It's even better if they can kill THREE birds with one stone.

Guess what I'm getting at . . .


Yep, it's true.

By instituting a government run education system, they achieved those three goals. The public schools and the ideology behind them destroy the family unit. Think about it: children spend more time being taught a world-view by the government then they do with their parents. Then, the children get taught that they shouldn't trust their parents, because they aren't experts. Then, the experts tell the children that there is no god and that we came here by random chance. Boom, boom, and boom.

As a bonus, they also get the children accustomed to always obeying the wishes of the experts.

By the time the children are convinced to trust the experts approved by the communists over their parents, the battle is lost. The family is torn apart. From there it is easy to convince children to convert over to socialism, whether they realize it or not.

And parents have no idea this is happening. Instead, they call it "teenage rebellion" and assume that is always has worked that way and that all will be fine in the end.

But it won't be fine in the end. The government that the founding fathers worked so hard to create, the government that was based on Christian principals, the government that was looked up to by the rest of the world, will disappear. It may still be know as the government of the United States, but that is all that will remain.

Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope. This one lifeline is the homeschooling movement. By bringing children back under parental tutelage, the effects will be reversed.

However, the Communist Party USA won't give up that easily. When they finally realized that the homeschooling movement was a force that had to be reckoned with, they put on their thinking caps. They couldn't outlaw homeschooling altogether, at least not yet. But, what if the slowly and gradually incorporated the homeschoolers back into the fold? 

A Co-op
From this idea came the public school run co-ops which have become so popular in homeschooling circles. In many of them, you get free curriculum, discounted computers, access to labs, and more. "All this in exchange for nothing!" they say, successfully deluding parents.

However, the price is high. Very very high. Although this method isn't as quick as the full-blown public school system is, it achieves the same goal in the end. Although it may be a few generations, many of the decendents of the people who originally bought into the lie will find themselves incorporated back into the public schools.

Sadly, there are very few homeschoolers who have not succumbed to the seductions of the public schools. Though these purist homeschoolers are few, they are hardened veterans and as such, are not only influential, but won't give up easily.


  1. Wow. This post seems to have stirred up a mute hornets nest. Yesterday, the day of this posting, we passed the previous record of 16 views in one day by 24 in one afternoon. For the first time I know of, I've had people sharing this on social platforms (thanks Kyle!).

    However, no comments? That is odd. However, I got two on Facebook:

    "Interesting point of view..."
    "I agree...interesting point of view. I think it is a bit severe and maybe you give them (the Communist Party) too much credit."

  2. I just read this, and am (metaphorically) nodding my head in agreement.

    Unfortunately, these problems will not go away. My own parents refuse to believe that they've been manipulated and deceived, taking the word of society over the word of their own offspring. The only people that can act are the people who know what's going on, so I guess knowing truly is half the battle.

    But you do give the Communist Party too much credit. There are a lot of homeschoolers out there, most of them very wary of the school system, and there are even unschoolers that seek to defy all of the principles set by schooling. Perhaps we should try deschooling, or making schooling non-mandatory, instead.

    I'll keep commenting on this, as this is certainly my area, as long as other people do.

  3. Duke,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I don't see how I gave the Communist Party too much credit. The largest reason for homeschooling is because of the negative impact of peer pressure. I know this as I am fairly involved in these circles. In the aforementioned co-ops, the homeschoolers don't see them as bad, because they are comprised of homeschoolers and therefor the peer pressure tends to be more positive. They are wary of the public schools, but do not see the dangers in the co-ops.

    I wrote this to be a wake-up call to those who are ignorant of the true goals of the public schools. The Communist Party has tried to keep this side of what they do undercover, and I'm trying to expose it. As you said: "Knowing is half the battle".

  4. If co-ops do involve public schools, then homeschoolers are still wary, but you're probably right in saying their guard is further down.

    Too many people are ignorant to the true goals of the Communist Party USA, possibly not even aware of its existence; however, there are plenty of people who are aware that corruption is present within the public school. This is cause enough for investigation, but something's wrong there too. How hard is the system willing to fight to take us over?


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