Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Packing My Bags

To all my readers;

I'm packing my bags for the center of Montana. Otherwise known as "Dialup" and "Hard Work". Not only am I going there, I'm spending the entire summer there working on a cattle ranch. From June 2 'till Labor Day, driving tractors, fixing machinery, repairing fences, delivering salt and mineral, milking a milk cow, and chasing that same evil milk cow.

How does this impact you, my wonderful readers? Not much, really. Blogger has a really handy feature where you can schedule posts. However, I've had a hard time writing up that many, so I decided to invite some of my acquaintances and friends to write in the gaps.

By way of an introduction, here are my thoughts on the persons in no particular order:

Duke of Awesome: As with the other writers, I know Duke through the internet. He writes extensively on the public schools in his blog DukeofAwesome vs Conformity. One of the interesting things about Duke is how both our blogs tend to influence each other. It was his blog that originally got me fired up about education, and I've noticed some of his blog posts reflecting what I write here (which is really awesome!).

The Constitutionalist Reformer: I've known The Constitutionalist Reformer (otherwise know as TJ) for now almost 2 years. We originally met in a Con-Law class done through the HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Assoc.). I still remember when we both ran for class president. As with Duke, you will often find him commenting on my writings.

Eli McGowan: Another person I met because of that same Con-Law class. Eli had taken the course before TJ or I, and he afterward started a debate forum for his class which our class was invited to. Eli is planning on becoming a lawyer and changing the world.

I hope that you'll welcome each of the writers warmly, and think about what they have to say.

Before I say goodbye, a few announcements:

  • I'm turning 17 on June 12th. I hope and pray that God will grant me yet another year full of growth in knowledge and wisdom, and ask you to join me.
  • We have had at least 750 pageviews, not including myself. Thanks to all you who spread the word, especially across your social networks.
  • During my absence, my sister Shanna will be patrolling the comments. Say "Hi" to her!

Until next time I write in person, I bid you all adieu.

Caleb Grove


  1. It would help if I could figure out how to use this. :) Shanna Grove reporting for duty and currently patrolling all comments! (I know Caleb, you're not home yet.)

  2. Happy early birthday! (And thanks for linking to my blog.) I hope you find your work fulfilling.


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