Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm Back!

To all my dearly beloved readers:

*breaks out the party hats and little tooty-thingys*

For those of you who didn't know, I accompanied my family on a two week vacation to a minuscule town in southern Utah to do some serious hiking (or at least a serious as it can get with 11 people). If you want to see pictures, I have a gallery here: http://www.dropbox.com/gallery/55769872/1/Utah%20Trip%202012?h=97e56d
It will only be up for a few weeks, so take a look.

In the meanwhile, on to some housekeeping:

First, some bad news for my readers; I'm going to be gone all this summer. For the past several years I've headed back to central Montana to work as a ranch hand, and this summer is going to be no different with the exception that I'm spending all three months of summer out there instead of just July/August.

So, how is this information relevante to my readers? Because the ranch that I'm working has dialup, and they keep me so busy I won't really get a chance to write.

This also means is that I'm looking for a few guest writers to take up the baton so this blog doesn't get too stale. If you have any interest in doing this, let me know in the comments and I'll get in touch.

Now, for the good news; I have international visitors! Please welcome my readers from India, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, Poland, and Singapore.

P.S. The Constitutionalist Reformer apologizes for not being able to write a second blog post. Apparently, he had some computer problems (the cynical in me says that Ubuntu 12 crashed).


  1. Actually it was my Sisters computer that was running Ubuntu... upon getting married in the last week she took her computer with her (that I ha fixed) and left me with my old one that I had not used in the past several months. Upon getting it out and starting it up it did nothing. But thankfully my new Brother-in-Law (a computer tech) was able to get me up and running again.

  2. I foresee Internet access for the vast majority of my summer - I might be able to write for the blog.

    Heh. "Tooty-thingys".

  3. Duke:

    I forgot what they were called! Only, now I know. They are called "Blowouts". See: http://www.shindigz.com/party/Sweet-at-One-Boy-Blowout.cfm


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