Monday, April 23, 2012

New Design!

I'm proud to announce the new design of my blog!

I must admit, I'm rather pleased with it. We have some awesome new features for all you readers! Over to the right, you can hover on those banner things to get more info about me, to follow this blog using all sorts of methods, and to find the archive.

The "About Me" tab is pretty self-explanatory in that you can read about me.

The "Archive" tab brings up a list of my blog posts.

Last but not least, the "Follow" tab allows you to follow my blog using Google Reader, RSS, Atom, Yahoo, email, and just about anything else.

To close the windows just hover on the X symbol in the top-right of the little windows.

On a widescreen, the popup windows stay out of the way by tucking to the right of the window, and are partially transparent so they aren't too intrusive if they overlap the post text.

The biggest thing that I did was to remove all the visual fluff, allowing you to concentrate on the blog posts themselves while still being beautiful.

Also, if any of you are wondering, the header font is Helvetica Light, which is by far and away my favorite font of all time.

For future reference, here is a screenshot of my old blog design:

Thanks OnRamp Web Design!

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  1. Due to some feedback saying that the design actually needed a little more "Eye Candy", I've made a change so that the page background is selected randomly from about 17 different designs.


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