Thursday, March 15, 2012

Switching to Blogger

Howdy all,

I had numerous requests from people reading my old blog to enable comments and some other features. This is the answer.

The reason why that old blog lacked in those "features" is because I designed it using iWeb. Now, iWeb does let you have comments on your blog, but only if you're using MobileMe as the host. There are several reasons why I didn't go that method, not the least of which is the fact that MobileMe is going to be disabled and replaced by iCloud (which doesn't include web hosting).

Now I've switched design programs, so that instead of using iWeb, my future sites will all be built with Freeway Pro, which is an AMAZING program. Using an action, which is basically an extension, I am now able to make custom blogger templates.

So I did. And this is what I got.

Also, though I'm going to leave the old blog up, I will be moving some of the posts from my old blog to this one, depending on how much time I get and if I think that comments would be nice for that particular post.

What do you all think of the design?


  1. +1'd. I think the design scheme is pretty cool.

    Since you are using blogger, why not add more tools to the page, such as a view count meter? The follower tool might help too.

  2. I'll look into implementing those, but for some reason I can't get the text color on the "follow" gadget to change from black. Black text on a dark sidebar is really hard to read.

    I might have to switch to a blogger template instead of my custom one if I decide that I need those.


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